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Billy Beer BOTTLE CAP Wall Mount Bottle Opener Vintage 1970s Cap

$ 8.85

Billy Beer BOTTLE CAP Starr X wall mounted stationary bottle opener. Handmade with an actual vintage 1970s uncrimped Billy Beer bottle cap! The opener is new, the BOTTLE CAP IS VINTAGE AND WILL HAVE SLIGHT IMPERFECTIONS: BENDS NICKS ETC. For those of you too young to remember Jimmy Carter (and his brother Billy), the New York centered media at the time was absolutely fascinated by the fact that the President of the United States had an authentic, genuine redneck for a brother. The media showered attention on Billy and Billy obliged by providing a wealth of cringe inducing quotes, no doubt driving his brother to distraction. Billy figured that if he had to have a bunch of obnoxious yankee reporters following him around all day waiting for him to say something stupid, he might as well cash in on it. Thus was born Billy Beer. The bottle caps on these bottle openers are truly a piece of history and for a limited time (until I run out) you can own an authentic piece of 1970s memorabilia. The 70's were a really weird time in American History, pray they don't make a come back. The original Starr X zinc plated cast iron bottle opener. About 3 1/4 inches high by 2 5/8 inches wide. New in gift box. Screws included. 

Perfect bottle opener for the kitchen, bar, rec room, or den!