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BUDWEISER BUD LIGHT Combo Bottlecap Wall Mount Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher Set

$ 16.25

Bud Light Bottle Cap Wall Mounted Bottle Opener with an Aluminum Cap Catcher. Handmade with an actual Bud Light bottle cap! The opener is new, the BOTTLE CAP IS USED AND WILL HAVE SLIGHT IMPERFECTIONS: BENDS NICKS ETC. I have culled these bottle caps and have chosen only the best to use for these bottle openers. It is wise, however, to consider the proverb: He who seeks perfection in a used bottle cap is destined for disappointment. That said, I think these mounted bottle cap openers look pretty sharp. Screws included. Separate gift boxes as shown. Cap Catcher is made of aluminium and measures 3 1/2 x 5 1/4 x 2 1/2 inches. Holds about 75 caps. Bottle opener is made of zinc plated cast iron and measures about 3 1/4 H by 2 5/8 W by 1 1/4 D. Perfect bottle opener and cap catcher set for the kitchen, bar, rec room, or den!