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FOR MILITARY USE ONLY Bottle Cap Starr X Wall Mount Bottle Opener Beer

$ 8.99

FOR MILITARY USE ONLY beer or soda unused BOTTLE CAP Starr X wall mounted stationary bottle opener. I am not sure what these bottle caps were for, but one thing is clear: No Civilians! Handmade with an actual uncrimped bottle cap! The opener is new, the BOTTLE CAP IS VINTAGE AND WILL HAVE SLIGHT IMPERFECTIONS: BENDS NICKS ETC. I have culled these bottle caps and have chosen only the best to use for these openers. It is wise, however, to consider the proverb: He who seeks perfection in a bottle cap is destined for disappointment. That said, I think these mounted bottle cap openers look pretty sharp. The original Starr X zinc plated cast iron bottle opener. About 3 1/4 inches high by 2 5/8 inches wide. New in gift box. Screws included. Perfect bottle opener for the kitchen, rec room, den or bar.